July 31–Daniel, Zoe, and Nadia

Late post. Expect that. Let’s see if I can dig up all my memories from a week ago, which will be difficult considering my short-term memory is all but nonfunctional. (Not really. That’s an exaggeration. It’s just really poor.)

Today, my fellow workers were Katherine’s sister Elizabeth and Daniel’s parents. The children were Daniel, Zoe, and Nadia.

Because I have such poor memory, I will just post various smidgens about each child that I can remember.


Daniel – He was a MUCH different person than normal with his parents there. Very talkative and energetic. I asked him if his mom was pretty, and he said yes. Then I asked him if his dad was pretty. He thought about it for a few seconds and then nodded. Also told me his brother’s names are Ian and Brother.

Zoe – Pretty much her normal self today. Had painted toenails that she gladly showed off to us. She said her mother did them.

Nadia – Also normal. I’m thinking that there was something notable that she did, but I can’t remember it right now.


A more detailed post of today will be coming up next.