January 1 – Daniel and Zoe

Today, my fellow worker was Marie’s daughter Sara. The children were Daniel and Zoe.

When I came into the room today, it was empty of both workers and children. This didn’t surprise me too much, because it’s still the holiday season and people are on vacation. I had seen Daniel’s family driving in anyways, so I knew we would at least have him. Sara soon joined me in the room, and we waiting for the kids.

Daniel came in sullenly, something I was a little unaccustomed to because he was normally already in the room when I came in during second service. He sat down and played with a truck, and then Zoe came in throwing a fit. Sarah tried to entertain her, although I knew it was pointless because Zoe was set on having a tantrum and wasn’t about to be distracted. Eventually she calmed down, but only after we turned on Lil K, a TV show-like program geared towards younger kids. Afterwards, she named the toy giraffe “GiraffeGiraffe”, put it on my head, took it off and put a toy truck on my head, and then took it off and told me about her penguin PillowPet named Bob.

After snacks, Zoe was trying to tell me that she wanted to play with something. She can be a little difficult to understand, and it took several times of her repeating it for me to get that she wanted to “play in the balls”. Get your mind out of the gutter, if that’s where it is. We have another room in the nursery that we call the playroom that has bigger toys and a homemade ball pit. I asked Marie if we could take the kids over there, and she said yes.

Zoe’s interest didn’t stay in the ball pit very long. She and Daniel were very soon scooting around on these scooter things, which consisted of a lot of bumping into each other, falling off, laughing, and squealing. They did that until they decided to throw around the bigger balls from the ball pit. This worked fine until Zoe’s sister came to pick her up and Zoe refused to give up the orange ball she was holding. Eventually we got her to give it up, and then Daniel’s father came to pick him up.

Today was pretty uneventful. Over and out!


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