Greetings, Earthlings.

Hello, viewers who appear to have found my blog somehow. As far as you know, my name is Nursery Girl. I’m a teenager living in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, who happens to volunteer in her church’s nursery on every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of the month. I work with the one- and two-year-olds, which can be quite interesting, so I created this blog specifically to tell stories about what happens on what I call my “nursery days”. They would just get ignored if I put them on Facebook. A recurring cast of characters is as follows, although they won’t be in every post: (Also, these are not their real names, to protect identities)


Marie – The nursery coordinator. Has three children and one on the way. Her oldest is my age and the youngest is 3.

Erica – A fellow worker, several years older than me. Works on the 1st Sundays. Older sister is the assistant nursery manager, and she is personally acquainted with many of the kids and their families.

Katherine – A fellow worker, several years older than me. Works on the 3rd Sundays, often with her younger sister Elizabeth, who is two years younger than me.

Daniel – One of the kids, probably 2. At the beginning of the class he is very introverted, responding positively to only Erica when she’s in there. Answers “no” to anything you say or tell him. Tends to open up towards the end of class. The youngest in a family of 3 boys.

Zoe – One of the kids, probably 2. Very smart and not afraid to admit it. When asked questions about colors or numbers of things, will shout out the answer. Even when it wasn’t her who was asked. Knows the numbers 1-10 in Spanish, although not in order. The youngest in a family of 6, all boys except for Zoe and one other.

Nadia – One of the kids, probably 2. Very friendly and energetic. Both the tallest and youngest child in the class. Will answer “yes” to any yes or no question you ask her and will answer “red” if you ask her for the color of something. Her best friend is her three-year-old sister Bailey. The youngest in a family of 4, two sisters and a brother.

Fred and George – These are my two six-week-old kittens. I’m not sure why they would get a mention, but I might have to comment on how cute they are. And yes, Fred and George are their real names. Unless you ask my sister, because then they’re Brutus and Caesar.


As you can see, we’re running a little short on kids at the moment. At least 5 women at the church are pregnant, however, one woman has an 11-week-old girl, and there are a couple of crawlers in the baby class.

My first “real” post will be up next Sunday, July 31. Look for it then!